£4,770.00 Including VAT, £3,975.00 Excluding VAT


Esytime is a new Braille device, combining notetaking functions, a Braille display and standard PC all in one.

Esytime contains a 32 character Braille display, a 10 key Braille keyboard, 2 joysticks, and 8 function keys, but most important — a new patented concept of tactile navigation.

Use esytime optical sensors and tactile finger movements to; advance/reverse the Braille line, move/place the cursor and validate menu options without pressing a key or removing the finger(s) from the Braille line…… Or if preferred, select Esytime standard featuring classic cursor routing keys.

It’s a true Braille computer: Windows 7 ensures the stability and compatibility of esytime. Install a screen reader of your choice, the software you normally use as well as your peripherals….. There are no more software compatibility issues or preferred file formats. Surf the web or read your emails using the Wi-Fi connection.

As of now you don’t need a separate PC and braille display, Esytime is the solution!

Esytime can also be used as a computer terminal which can be connected to your personal or professional PC featuring a screen reader.

Esysuite Option

Esysuite is a software suite, intended mainly for the educational environment.

Esysuite transforms Esytime into a standard notetaking device operating independently from Windows 7.

Esysuite offers functionalities meeting more the needs of everyday Braille users and less those of advanced computer knowledge.

Esysuite includes a high-quality speech output.

Esysuite software package consists of the following parts:

  • Esynote: Allows the user to write different types of Braille in the same document; Grade 1, Grade 2, Computer Braille, Mathematical and Musical Braille. It is also possible to create a Braille or black ink character only document. All necessary formatting is made directly in the document.
  • Esyfile: Asists the user to organize/store/move file(s) to and from different locations.
  • Esycalc: Executes simple calculations, converts and stores results for insertion into your documents.
  • Esysuite also supports access to the Web, contains an audio reader, a Daisy player, and is a software under constant development, ready to include new functionalities.