Make using a computer easy with Dolphin Guide


If you have never used a computer but are losing your sight then the Dolphin Guide software is ideal for you. It enables you to carry out functions such as emailing friends and family, reading your own post, browsing the internet and playing computer games.

This software is designed to make using a computer as easy as possible. By talking through the computing processes for people that are blind, partially sighted or new to using a computer it is possible for them to carry out tasks that they may never have been able to do before. Everything is read out loud with human sounding voices so that the user is guided through each process with ease. By talking the user through each process it ensures that the user can confidently use the software without worrying about trying something new.

Guide also magnifies what is on the screen so words, images and scanned items can be viewed with crystal clear clarity. The software allows you to choose the right colour combination for you too. Making it easier and more user friendly when carrying out reading tasks.

Key Features:
• Human sounding voices aid navigation of software
• Send and receive emails – keep in touch with friends and family, writing and replying to emails has now become incredibly easy!
• Write letters and other documents – with clear audio instructions it is possible for users to lay out the perfect letter! Guide even tells a user is a word is spelt incorrectly so that the user can change them.
• Record a shopping list or note to self! – this memo can then be played back or emailed
• There are various computer games that can be played as well – including Hangman
• Listen to the radio/music
• Surf the internet, Guide makes using the world wide web easy!
• Scan and read your post – users can read letters, bills, bank statements and more!
• Calendar features enables users to keep up-to-date with appointments and important dates