MAGic Magnification ESD



Screen Magnification Software – Magnify Your PC/Laptop Screen Up to 36 Times with MAGic
Computer users with low vision can take control of the internet and differnet software applications with the MAGic screen magnification software. There is no need to struggle with type that is too small to read and images with indecipherable details. MAGic opens up a whole new world of computing for low vision users. Whether creating and reading documents, e-mailing, engaging in social networking, or surfing the Web, MAGic provides tools to work more efficiently.

MAGic features 46 magnification levels from 1x to 36x. MAGic’s High Definition text delivers smooth, crisp letters for all fonts, even at the highest magnification.

Key Features
Built-in colour enhancements eliminate glare and increase contrast, making your computer more readable and reducing eye fatigue
MAGic’s HD mouse pointer and user adjustable mouse enhancements make finding and tracking the mouse easy
MAGic’s colored cursor stands out against document text and surrounding enhancements, making finding and tracking the cursor easy

MAGic provides extra productivity tools for the most popular workplace applications, enabling low vision users to excel at their jobs
With Citrix Remote Access, MAGic opens up remote work opportunities by supporting the industry standard for working with server based applications
Learn to use MAGic in a breeze. It comes with both talking and large-print installation and more than five hours of basic training in accessible DAISY text and audio