Sovereign 2 – Portable USB memory stick player and Bluetooth speaker


The Sovereign 2 USB Memory Stick Player has been designed by Kings Access Technology specifically for use by visually impaired persons. It is very easy to use and produces superb sound reproduction.


We know when audio is your only interface sound quality matters.

Whilst proud of our best-in-class sound quality we’re always looking to improve. We have upgraded both players to the latest generation of digital amplifiers providing clearer sound, less distortion and a louder, clearer head-phone output. We have also improved the mechanical stability and isolation of the speaker cabinets.

The Sovereign 2 USB Memory Stick Player has the capacity to bookmark multiple USB memory sticks, so if you have a talking book, talking newspaper or a magazine all on the go at the same time, the Sovereign player can bookmark each stick, and it does this automatically, allowing you to go back at any time and listen from where you last left off.

It includes Cue and Review, so that by holding down the Rewind button the listener can wind back within the track to replay, say, a telephone number or other useful information. Holding down the Forward button will allow the listener to ‘fast forward’ within the track. It takes a standard Lithium Ion battery (Nokia Style) which clips in easily. These batteries are widely available in the UK from shops and online and can be bought directly from us.

All new bespoke USB C charger

We believe our new USB C power supply is the world’s first designed specifically for visually impaired users. After an extensive consultation period we’ve designed it with a unique tactile feel, 3D raised logo, high contrast colours and a strengthened braided nylon cable. USB C is a universal standard and will prevent ‘wrong’ chargers being used and damaging equipment.”

Product Highlights

  • Best ever sound quality from the two 3″ speakers
  • Dimensions: 320*140*140mm
  • Large, high visibility control buttons
  • Low Battery warning sound
  • Plays MP3 and WAV files
  • Navigate between multiple folders, or books at the touch of a button
  • Rechargeable and easily replaceable lithium battery
  • Tactile markers for easy control identification
  • Large rotary volume dial with built-in on/off function
  • Automatic, Pinpoint, multiple ‘Bookmark’ memory – remembers last track position, mid-track, even when speaker is switched off or stick is removed
  • Headphone Socket easily accessible
  • Very economical battery use – long playback on battery power – between 4-6 hours