Tiger Cub


Perfect for home or office use, the Tiger Cub offers reliable braille printing at up to 50 characters per second enabling you to quickly and quietly produce braille and high resolution tactile graphics


You can use a wide range of paper with sizes up to 24cm and with either standard or tractor feed paper. Its small footprint and low noise printing makes the Tiger Cub perfect as a personal braille printer either at the office or in the home. Tiger braille technology gives you a choice of braille dot heights; light, normal and heavy. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the definition of the braille to how sensitive your fingers are to braille dots. The variable braille height really comes into its own when producing tactile images. As it can print with three braille dot heights, tactile images offer more definition than a standard braille printer with only one dot height. Please watch the video below for more details of how Tiger technology can transform your tactile images.Embossing at up to 50 characters per second. 20 dots per inch (DPI) printing resolution. Adjustable braille dot height; heavy, normal, light. Paper sizes from four to 9.5 inches (101mm to 241.3mm). Paper weights from 50 up to 230 grams per square metre. Supplied with Tiger Software Suite (TSS) enabling you to print directly from Word and Excel. This software converts a document directly into braille and images, clipart, graphs and charts automatically into tactile graphics. Compatible with Duxbury and other braille softwar