Tiger Embraille


This lightweight and compact embosser provides a low cost brailling solution for the home or office.


This embosser’s patented Tiger technology produces braille dots at various heights so the tactility of the braille can be matched to your sensitivity and is great when producing tactile images. The dot height variation can be used to differentiate between areas of a diagram or image and provides four different shades. Your tactile images are embossed with more definition making interpretation easier.

This embosser is supplied with Tiger Software Suite (TSS), enabling you to print directly from Word and Excel. This software translates a document directly into braille and images, clipart, graphs and charts converted automatically into tactile graphics. Compatible with Duxbury and other braille software.


Embossing speeds of up to 25 characters per second.

17 dots per inch (DPI) printing resolution.

Adjustable braille dot height; heavy, normal, light.

Uses paper sizes from three to 10 inches wide (7.6cm to 25.4cm).

Emboss paper weights from 50 up to 175 grams per square metre (product code BP41 is suitable).

Includes Tiger Software Suite